Fazer Lontoo Rae 175g

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American Pastilles are a beloved chocolate classic with a crispy coating and rich milk chocolate filling for a perfect journey back in time. The three deliciously shiny colours of American Pastilles are irresistibly inviting. Best of all, Fazer’s delicious chocolates are made from 100% responsibly produced cocoa. Amerikan chocolate pastilles now come in handy resealable bags! Enjoy American Pastilles on your own or with friends, or use them in baking.


Ingredients: sugar, wheat flour, sugar syrup, treacle, glucose syrup, liquorice extract, gelling agent (E 414), modified starch, colours (E 171, E 163, E 160a, E 153), salt, flavouring, glazing agent (E 901).

Special note:

Dairy-free, lactose free

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