Hartwall Jaffa Orange soft drink 0.5 l

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Hartwall Jaffa Orange is the largest single product in the product family and the most famous Hartwall Jaffa variant # Genuine Real Hartwall Jaffa. It is a deliciously fruity and refreshing orange soft drink. The product is sweetened with sugar and fruit sugar. It differs from its competitors with a natural fresh fruit taste that is not so sweet. Now the truly fruity Jaffa is even more natural, because that's it, only natural flavors are used.


Ingredients: Water, sugar, orange drink concentrate (water, full orange juice from concentrate 2%, acidity regulators (citric acid, potassium citrate), natural flavors, stabilizers (pectin, propylene glycol alginate, locust bean gum powder), antioxidant (ascorbic acid), colors (beta-carotene, apocarotenal), carbon dioxide, preservative ( potassium sorbate)

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