Hartwall Jaffa Ananas soft drink 1.5 l

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Hartwall Jaffa Pineapple Sugar-free is a deliciously fruity and exotically fresh low-calorie pineapple soft drink. The drink combines the fruitiness characteristic of Hartwall Jaffa drinks and the lightness of a soft drink.

The refreshing drink is completely sugar-free and sweetened with aspartame. It contains only 1 kcal/100ml of energy. Contains a source of phenylalanine.



Water, pineapple and orange juice from concentrate, carbon dioxide, acidity regulators (E330, E331), natural flavors, stabilizers (E414, E444, E445), sweetener (aspartame), antioxidant (E300), preservative (E202), colors (E160a, E160e) .

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