Nidar Smash 100g
  • Nidar Smash 100g

Nidar Smash 100g

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One 100g bag. 

Please also buy cooling gel packs and use expedited shipping if shipped to a warm location.


With a one hundred year old history, Nidar today is the leading supplier of sweets to the Norwegian market. Nidar has a proud brand legacy, with chocolates and other sweets that most Norwegians remember from their childhood. At the same time, Nidar constantly focuses on innovation by developing new products. Both the development and the production of Nidar's sweets take place at the original factory in Trondheim. Nidar produces all types of sweets - chocolates, jellied sweets, caramels, liquorice products, boxed chocolates, marzipan and pastilles. Nidar sweets have a strong standing in Norway; deeply rooted in tradition and well known to all Norwegians. Everyone knows the delicious and bubbly Stratos milk chocolate.

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