Muurla Pojat puutarhassa emali muki 2,5 dl

15,99 €
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Stylish Moomin Groke enamel mug fits perfect to the very small Moomin fans.
Size:  2,5 dl

Appearance of the product may vary due to the nature of handmade enamel production and therefore each item is unique. Enamel is a durable material but surface may chip if the product is subjected to a hard blow so please handle your quality item with care.

Dishwasher safe, do not use in microwave.

Muurla has updated traditional enamel material and brought it into life again with charming Moomin characters. The Moomin range is very wide with several Moomin characters and designs. Muurla has had the Moomin license already since 2009. The first products were made of glass and Muurla still produces these already classic Moomin producst as the decoration ball.

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